Worker fired for not getting flu shot

VANCOUVER – A B.C. health-care employee who refused to get a flu shot or wear a mask was fired for failing to follow a government policy.

Interior Health spokesman John Bevanda says the activity worker in Grand Forks was terminated after progressive disciplinary measures that typically involve a warning letter, a one- to three-day suspension and meetings in the presence of a union representative.

Bevanda says activity workers’ jobs involve transporting patients in clinics or adult day programs.

He wouldn’t say whether the Hospital Employees Union worker was a man or woman or why Interior Health did not publicize the firing in December.

Bevanda says 76 per cent of the 19,000 Interior Health employees chose to be vaccinated, while others wore a mask when working with patients during flu season in keeping with the policy introduced in 2012.

He says the fired worker was among about four people who opted not to get the flu shot but that the others eventually complied with the policy, which was upheld by an arbitrator last fall after the Health Sciences Association filed a grievance.

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Wedding Costs In Canada Are More Than Anyone Expects

Couples tend to get a lot of advice before they get married, so let us dole some out ourselves: save. According to two recent Canadian surveys, couples might think they’ll be spending $15,000 on their nuptials, but the reality looks more like over $31,000.

In a study released today, BMO asked couples how much money they plan towards their future weddings and honeymoons, as well as how many guests they expected at the event. The nationwide average was $14,761 and 100 guests.

However, in a recent survey from Weddingbells looking at the first few months of 2014, the magazine found couples spent, on average, $23,048, on their events. Add in the engagement ring and honeymoon, however, and that skyrockets up to $31,685.

According to a similar study out of the in the U.S., weddings in 2013 cost an average of $29,858 (with variances for location, of course), reports CNN.

So what is the difference between the planning stages and the reality of the event? According to Bridal Guide, there are many hidden costs couples forget to factor in, including everything from the marriage license to out-of-towners’ guest baskets to the cake cutting fee (yes, …read more

12 Things You Need To Know About Hindu Weddings

GUEST CODE: Thanks to our multicultural society, you may find yourself at a wedding this summer that celebrates in ways you aren’t familiar with — and we’re here to help. Each week, the HuffPost Canada Living team will take a look at a different culture’s wedding and tell you about the customs, traditions and rules that go along with celebrating your friends’ big day.

While no two weddings are alike, Hindu weddings usually have a few things in common: They take several hours, they tend to be filled with a lot of people (up to 1,000 guests), and the ancient rituals they include are a sight to behold.

“The prayers and rituals all revolve around the couple being one with each other,” says Harprit Patel, founder and head coordinator of Always & Forever Weddings planning company in Vancouver.

“Indian standard time” (arriving an hour to two late to an event) is the standard for Hindu weddings. Before the ceremony begins, the groom’s side dances and sings their way to the venue (either in the parking lot of a Hindu temple or banquet hall). This usually happens with a luxury car or horse, loudspeakers and lot of bhangra (a genre of …read more

Man charged following the death of 33-year-old woman from B.C. Interior

CLEARWATER, B.C. – Prosecutors have charged a man from the community of Clearwater, B.C., with first-degree murder after the death of his common-law spouse.

Iain Scott was not in court on Wednesday but his lawyer and Crown counsel set June 2 as the date of his next court appearance.

On Monday, 33-three-year-old Angila Wilson was found dead in her home, located about 476 kilometres northeast of Vancouver.

A seven hour standoff followed outside another local home, and police confirmed a man was taken into custody later that afternoon.

They also said three children related to the case were located in the man’s residence when he was arrested, and they were not physically harmed during the incident.


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WATCH: More work for recycling plant

New provincial regulations take effect next month that expand recycling efforts in B.C. which in turn has lead to expansions for an Okanagan company.

The changes increase the types of materials to be recycled and shift some of the costs from government to business.

At the Cascades Recovery facility in Kelowna, recyclables are sorted, bailed and shipped to end users in the United States and China.

The company has won a new contract to process materials collected from much of southern B.C. which will increase production at the facility by about 40%.

Plant manager, Deanne Stephenson, says the company has invested in new equipment to be more efficient and will increase its 45 person staff by about a dozen workers.

“It’s really good news for us in Kelowna,” says Stephenson.

Cascade’s new contract kicks in next month and runs for four years with renewal options for a further two years.

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This Is The Best Exam Procrastination Ever (PHOTO)

It’s final exam time for university students across this great nation, and that means said students across said great nation are probably doing one thing: procrastinating.

But while most people avoid studying by surfing the ‘net (we’re hip, we swear) or binge-watching ’90s teen dramas on Netflix, one University of British Columbia student went a little, well, bigger.

Aidan Danaher used 1,000 Post-It notes to turn the windows of the university’s Qelexen dorm into a scene from the Space Invaders arcade game.

We hope you’re working towards an arts degree, Aidan.

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